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Equine Dentistry

Preventing source of the pain as well as correcting abnormalities.

Greenville Veterinary Clinic provides comprehensive dental care for most equine needs. Equine dentistry is aimed at preventing the source of pain as well as correcting abnormalities.

Horses at any stage in life benefit from annual dental examinations. This routine care can reduce the amount of tooth loss, prolong lifespan, and prevent other medical conditions such as choke and colic.

Horses have 36-44 permanent teeth, with variation in the presence of canine and “wolf teeth.” The incisors (front teeth), are designed for clipping grass. The molars (cheek teeth) are designed for grinding roughage into digestible particles. Chewing is one of the most important parts of the horse’s digestive process. The tooth root, which is approximately 4 inches long in young horses, continues to erupt from the gum line throughout the horse’s life. Because of this, the teeth are continually growing even though the surface is wearing down. The wear of the uneven surface causes sharp points that can slice into a horse’s cheek and tongue as it eats.

Equine dentistry services are offered both at the clinic and on your farm for the comfort and convenience of your horse. 

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